Here's What You're Going To Learn In Elevate Your Bottom Line Program

Module 1: Create a Successful Corporate Wellness System that Inspires Action and Change
Inside you will discover:
-How to create a super simple system that will allow you to deliver positive results for your corporate wellness programs again and again.
-The one key tool you need to implement immediately to properly evaluate your company, culture and team so you can engage your employees and have them participate from the start.
-Advanced strategies to convince your boss or other key decision makers why you need a wellness program (so that you don’t continue to lose employees or profits).
-The critical questions to ask your team so that they feel safe and provide honest feedback (without fear of negative consequences) so that you can take immediate action.
-How to package and present your company income goals and objectives so that your team is fired up, focused and on board to help your company hit home runs.
Module 2:  Create A Custom Wellness Program That Creates Employee Engagement & an Excited Team
You’re going to discover:
How to get creative with your existing budget using money-saving strategies that will allow you to invest in your employees (without breaking the bank).
Two explosive strategies you need so you can pick wellness activities that build up your team and motivate them to change their behaviors (while elevating your bottom line.)
An extensive list of wellness activities that gives you the flexibility, freedom and power to customize a program that’s a perfect reflection of your business and employee needs (without having to do the legwork yourself).
Unknown alternatives to access additional dollars to fund your wellness plans (that most businesses don’t know about).
Module 3: Secrets to Engage Employees, Improve Culture & Become Known as One of the Best Places to Work!
You’ll discover:
How HR can use their influence to create a positive culture and office environment that has people lining up at the door!
How to leverage technology to make your life easier so you can leave the office at a decent hour.
How to persuade your employees to participate in your wellness program
The one key trend that will make your company’s culture more fun, engaging and vibrant (helping you avoid lackluster participation and results).
Module 4:  Track Your Program, Lower Health Care Costs, & Prove ROI
You’ll discover:
What key elements of your wellness program you need to track so you can prove ROI (hint: it’s not the same for every company).
Why wellness is a two-way street and how to encourage your employees to step up and do their part so your organization is happier and healthier from the inside out.
The greatest resource you already have at your fingertips (and how to use it) that will guide you in making smart decisions that will help you lower healthcare costs, keep your employees engage and increase profits.
The benefits and risks of a commonly used wellness tool (HRA’s) and how to know if you should do them for your employees (without overstepping privacy)
MODULE 5: Redefine your Leadership Style, Increase Your Influence and & Coach Your Way To Success
You’re going to discover:
How to build a company culture where your employees are happy, engaged and productive so that they give you their best every single day.
The questions to ask your team to encourage, support and uplift them so that they do not feel defeated and instead reach their potential making you not just another boss, but a mentor.
The key strategy to turn managers into great leaders so that they know how to set a positive example for their team (instead of making them want to quit).

Elevate Your Bottom Line is a five-week online master class that you can take from the comfort of your own office or home, or anywhere virtually.

I've broken the course into five "bite sized modules" that you can easily consume at your own pace, or go back to at any time and review, even years from now. (to avoid feeling overwhelmed)

All the modules are stored online for you, in a private members' only website that you can login and access 24/7 from your computer, ipad, or smartphone. (from anywhere in the world whenever you choose)
Every week I'm going to deliver a new module to your inbox that shows you exactly what to do, what to say, why it's important, how to do it, and your next steps.
You’ll also receive training, videos, mp3’s, and worksheets for your learning convenience.
Even though you're going to be learning corporate wellness strategies that you can use to increase employee engagement and boost profits, it won't feel like work because the program is specifically designed to be step by step.
I Also Promised To Share Some Special Bonuses Valued At $5,000...
BONUS #1 MODULE: Employee Privacy and Wellness Strategy Short Cuts for Managing Multiple Office Locations ($1,500 value)            
The first bonus is an added module "Employee Privacy and Wellness Strategy Short Cuts for Managing Multiple Office Locations "
You will discover how to expand your wellness strategy to multiple office locations (even if in different countries).
BONUS #2: Wellness Feedback Survey Template ($500 Value)
Implement this ready-to-go survey to get feedback from your employees on your current wellness activities so you can continue to improve your program.
BONUS #3: 2 Monthly Group Calls & Q&A + Private Facebook Forum ($2,500 Value)
The group coaching allows direct access to ask me questions on how to apply the course content to your business
The private forum is a like a virtual roundtable community where you are surrounded by other businesses who are trying to create their corporate wellness program. It’s a great place to learn from each other and get new ideas!
This Program Is NOT For Everyone...
The Elevate Your Bottom Line Program is not for you if you don’t care about your employees.
If you put profits before people and are not willing to reprioritize.
You already have a wellness strategy that is working.
Let me ask you, are your healthcare and talent acquisition costs consistently coming down?
Are your employees less stressed? Are they happier and healthier?
Many corporate wellness programs have healthy snacks, gym discounts and have speakers coming who share the important of working out and eating right, but aren’t getting the results.
A deeper and holistic strategy that benefits leaders, culture and employees will make the ROI happen.
Please save us both the time by not investing in the program because if that's you this program will be no different for you.
I'm going to give you the same strategies on how to invest in your team, maximize productivity and boost your profits (and I’m known for having a unique perspective on how corporate wellness should be done).
The reality is you're online, you're reading this, and you know that Elevate Your Bottom Line can help you to increase your cash flow.
That’s why you’re perfect for the Elevate Your Bottom Line Training Program.
"Sounds Great, Alison - But What's This Going to Cost Me?"
In my opinion, it should ultimately cost you zero, assuming you follow the steps, and do the work to start seeing real results.
Even if you only retain your current employees and reduce the number of days they are out sick over the next year you can still see how this is a wonderful opportunity to improve your bottom line.
I'm going to be straight with you. I have no control over what you ultimately decide to do with this high caliber of information. It's really up to you, and your work ethic. I believe you have free will and you get to choose the results that you want to create for yourself.
The investment won't be $15,500, like I once spent on a yearlong mastermind program. It won’t even be $7,500.
You Can Enroll For A Fraction Of That
The investment for Elevate Your Bottom Line is 3 payments of $397.
Get started today with $397 today and 3 payments of $397 (30 days apart), or you can pay in full by making just one payment of $997.
I'm not going to put hype or scarcity on this (because that's not my style).

  The Investment for Elevate Your Bottom                    Line is 3 Payments of $397.

Of Course You're Protected By Our 60 Day World Class Happiness Guarantee

I’m confident you’ll gain wisdom and receive value with Elevate Your Bottom Line Program, that I’ve decided to back it with a full 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. If you decide, within 60-days of investing, and implementing The Program that it isn’t for you, I’ll happily give you a full refund. 

However to be clear you do need to do the work, turn in your completed homework, and show that you implemented and it did not work for you, to be eligible for a refund.

Simply email my team and I before the 60 day period, including your completed homework to qualify for a refund.

The program begins the moment you register and you'll receive instant access to all of the modules right away.

TOTAL VALUE: $12,500

Your Investment Today: Get started for $397 today and 3 easy payments of $397 (30 days apart)
(You can pay in full by making just one payment of $997)

Yes, Register Now! 

Here's What Makes The Elevate Your Bottom Line Training Program Different
Most programs will show you the Why & the What but they fail to include the actual "HOW" to. Not here, you're going to learn the EXACT simple to follow "Step by Step" you need to be successful with this.
Say goodbye to low employee engagement and rising healthcare costs. Become known as one of the best places to work and make it home in time for family dinner and tuck your kids into bed each night.
I've Made This A Complete No-Brainer With The $5,000 In Bonuses...
What I can share with you is this will be the most comprehensive 5-week training program on creating a corporate wellness strategy.
You absolutely can do this with this step by step, and complete system.
When You're Able to Create Excitement, Spark Passion & Increase Profits That's True Leadership.
This is the very best I can do to help you to have a time tested, proven strategy to create a comprehensive corporate wellness system, and I hope you can see the value in all the advanced training and all the added bonuses.
When you have a team that gives you their best every day because you inspire them by not only your words, but your actions they feel like they are part of something bigger than themselves (even when you need them to work long hours that’s LEADERSHIP)
Empower yourself to have a positive influence on your employees so that engagement, productivity and profits will increase allowing you to have more freedom so you can get home to your family, hang out with your friends and have a life outside of work.

It's How Your Make Money, It's How You Make A Difference...
I think you can see with the high level of these bonuses, and the experience I have to share with you it’s the best training program on how to implement a corporate wellness strategy in the industry.
I look forward to seeing you in the Elevate Your Bottom Line private member’s area and community and I know that this training will change your life.
If this is something that is calling to you, then I invite you to say yes to yourself, to invest in your business, and your team.
If any reason you’re unhappy, go through the first four modules, do the exercises, and if this did not help you create a solid corporate wellness strategy. Simply send us your exercises and homework and we’ll happily give you your money back.
Our Client concierge is looking forward to serving you.
And more importantly, I look forward to seeing your company become known as one of the best places to work, potentially featuring you as our next client’s success story and hearing about all the things that you’re going to create because of this.
I’d love for you to join me on this journey and it would be my pleasure to serve you, and take you by the hand, and teach you everything I know to invest in your team, maximize productivity and boost your profits.
So click the register button now and get registered and I can’t wait to see you inside the program.
This will be the most comprehensive and complete 5-week education that you've ever gone through.
I look forward to personally guiding you, and helping you to make a difference in your company, for yourself and your employees.
P.S. I want you to imagine your life a year from now. Are you still fighting rising healthcare costs or figuring out how to engage your employees and get them excited about your culture (especially the millennials)? Or are you attracting the right employees for your team, meeting your revenue goals and making it home to have dinner with your family because you implemented a counter-intuitive strategy that most companies miss.
What if the breakthrough your business needs (even if it’s counter intuitive) is what you’ve been waiting for (and is literally one decision away...)
P.P.S. Remember, you ALSO get access to a private community of like-minded businesses who have the same common goals. Let’s learn and grow together - you are not alone!
"Who is Alison Brehme and Why Should You Listen to Her?"
Alison Brehme is the founder and CEO of Virtual Corporate Wellness. Her company is dedicated to helping businesses invest in their team so they can maximize productivity, boost profits, and become known as one of the best places to work!
Corporate Wellness isn't just a gym membership, a fruit bowl, or healthy snacks. It's a business necessity that increases employee engagement, lowers healthcare costs, and create a stress-free culture where wellness is the center.
With over 12 years in corporate marketing, Alison understands both the executive side and employee aspect of corporate wellness making her perspective unique.
In addition to managing her own company, she’s the Program Director of’s Corporate Wellness Academy, a certification program for those interested in workplace wellness. She’s also a certified nutrition coach, certified corporate wellness consultant and has an advertising degree from the University of Texas.
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